Our 3rd grade adventure begins tomorrow!  We have spent several weeks preparing for this upcoming year and we are so excited to be at the eve of a new beginning.   Here is what we anticipate for this first week of school:

  • Reading through Genesis (partly)
  • Praying for the Maya Indians as we study their culture
  • Memorizing Psalm 8 (over the next 3 weeks)
  • Sequential Spelling
  • Beginning cursive writing
  • Dictation
  • Writing a story about “The Thing”
  • Reading  The Corn Grows Ripe
  • Being Read Walk the World’s Rim
  • A Child’s Introduction to Poetry
  • Beginning a study on North American Indians
  • Beginning The Story of the USA Book 1
  • Reviewing math concepts and beginning a unit on fractions
  • Beginning Biology and specifically a study on Taxonomy complete with making a classification poster on day 2!

We would appreciate your prayers for a great beginning to this school year.  Summer flew by us.  In some ways we could use another week or two off, but in more ways we are read to dive in headlong.   Pray for my stamina as the teacher, homemaker, and wife.   We really do love what we do.  I was rewarded today with Gracyn telling me how glad she is to be homeschooled because it really is fun.   I’m so happy that she likes me for a teacher!



  1. wow, this seems so early to me…do they start school earlier over there? I just had another homeschooling friend (who lives your direction) write that they are starting tomorrow too!
    I was thinking we would be starting in September (as public school does here). Would you suggest that we start sooner? Will it help with our school year?
    I guess I would prefer to be “ahead” the whole year instead of feeling or worrying that we are behind schedule for finishing!

    • kimmyskids says:

      School does start earlier here. We are starting just 4 days before the public system as starting on a Fri makes zero sense with the way Sonlight is organized. Starting sooner just means you finish sooner. If you anticipate being behind due to family needs, you may want to start sooner to keep from going beyond the school year there. If you think it will be easy to keep up with Sonlight’s pace then there is no need to be in a rush to start. Staying somewhat in sync with your local system keeps your life streamlined with church schedules, school, activities and the like that usually consult a Public school calendar when making their own. It really boils down to preference and family constraints. Do what fits your needs rather than being run by the system!

  2. Kim,

    Praying for you all as you start on your new school adventure. keep us posted on how you do with two younger ones as well.

    Your reading material sounds really good. I will have to check out those books as well.

    helen henry

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