I’d like to introduce you to a new and encouraging blog that was passed on to me!  The name is Simple Notebook for a Simple Home.  You will find it under my blogroll.  This site has so many ideas for simple living.  Presently, the author and her family are participating in a “no spend July” (see blog for details).   The basic idea is to pay all your non-negotiable bills and then come up with a simple budget to live within for the month.  They are living off of $250…for everything.  This challenge encourages resourcefulness.  I have been so encouraged by this project.  Now, we are not participating in a similar project for the month…though we may at somepoint, however, we are trying to live very frugally out of neccessity.  I feel like we are almost in a “no spend lifestyle” with every month being part of the game.   At this time, I feel that God is teaching me large lessons on money, provision, and sharing.   God is really challenging me to redefine His provision…if it could be defined.   I feel like I can get the wrong end of the stick sometimes by viewing provision with one definition.  Doesn’t provision mean being able to pay all my bills and buy whatever I like, when I like it, without regard?   Apparently not.   I’ve mentioned this before, but one way God is showing me His provision is by showing me how to use what we already have more wisely.   We are trying to use all the food we have before shopping for more.   I have been surprised at the way God has enabled me to see what I can create with what seems like a bare pantry, freezer and fridge.  The food really does multiply when I have the eyes to see it.   God has placed me in the position lately of also testing my willingness to share with the little we have.  Over the past 1-2 weeks, I have had the opportunity of feeding many people for days at length.  I haven’t really shopped to replace the provisions either.   In many ways, this could feel like a burden and it wasn’t easy to feed extra people.   Yet, in our lack we were called upon to provide for others.  Just today, my darling daughter Gracyn invited a neighbor girl to eat two meals with us!   She invited her friend to lunch and we fed her PB&J.  That was all I had.  I mentioned to the kids that we would have a pancake dinner later (trying to use what we have) and they were excited.  A few hours later, I get a phone call from the friend’s mom thanking me for inviting her daughter to the pancake dinner.  I hadn’t.  On the spot like that I didn’t feel I could retract the invitation my daughter extended.  So, we had Faith over…in more ways than one!   My pancakes had to be given up for the friend as there was only enough for 4 people.  I really was looking forward to the pancakes as well, as I was getting a little tired of eating the same leftovers meal after meal.   However, I pulled out God’s provision of leftovers and ate them…thankfully.  God also gave me a glimpse of something bigger than myself when Gracyn’s friend mentioned that they were “becoming poor now”.  I remembered that her dad is loosing his job soon and perhaps my feeding her helped in some way.  I also feel that I’m being called to reevaluate how much food I consume.  Overeating is a form of waste, because I didn’t need all of it.  The consequence being less food for later.  I have to confess that there are days when I feel upset about our limitations, but strangely there is this paradox of enjoyment of seeing what I can make out of “nothing”.   I get a  excited when I use something up as I know I made the most of it!   I see this whole thing as going back to “being faithful in the little things”.  I have also been pleasantly surprised to really think about all the fun things we have done for free this summer and I do not feel deprived.   We’ve really done so much for nothing.  God’s provision has been abundant and we have had more fun this summer than in summers where we spent.  I don’t feel I am doing this teaching I am under justice in my explanation, yet, I feel God is teaching me to be satisfied with little and is pointing out my idols of comfort and security.   I don’t know what the material outcome of this time will be, but I know God is good and this is good for me.



  1. Tim & Rhianna says:

    Ah, Kim, you’re a kindred spirit. There’s so much good in living simply. We don’t always do it well, but it’s a worthy goal. And pancakes for supper are great (hopefully you’ll get some next time:)!

    • kimmyskids says:

      Rhi…you were (are) a great example to me in this and you always made everything look wonderfully beautiful.

  2. Christi says:

    Thanks for your transparency. That was such a great reminder of giving thanks in all things!

  3. You put it all into perspective for me! I have been feeling for months sad for what is happening to my family and my husband’s job, but you put a whole different spin on it for me! Thanks for the inspiration today, I really needed it!

    • kimmyskids says:

      Monica, I’m glad I could help! It’s tough, but I am trying to remember that whatever comes is from God, so I can trust Him.

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