Another highlight of last week was a much needed date night.   My mom visited for the weekend and we seized the opportunity to steal away for a few hours.  Jack was awarded a gift card for a dinner at one of the Buckhead Group restaurants for a work achievement.   We decided to try out Bluepointe, which has an American/Asian fusion menu.   It was hard to detect much of an American influence, which suited me finely.  We started out the meal with boiled edamame with sea salt.  This is complementary and quite nice.   Our appetizer was the Blueplate which comprised 4 of their best selections.  It included gyoza, a spicy shrimp, calamari stir-fried with mushrooms and asparagus, and finally crab spring rolls.   Even though we were now getting full, we decided to try out some nigiri sushi.  Almost every table had ordered sushi, so we figured it must be a great place to have it.   We really liked the nigiri style which has no seaweed…my main objection to sushi.   Finally, now totally full, our entrees arrived.  Jack ordered a fish with a Japanese flavoring with stir-fried bok choy.  My dish was a pork loin with Penang Curry sauce and spring rolls.  The Penang curry was delicious.  We discovered that the chef spent a year in Bangkok learning Thai cuisine and he gets a gold star!  Our waitress was Thai and we enjoyed being able to speak some Thai with her.   It feels like a little gift to be able to speak the other language we love so much.  Crazily enough we went for the dessert.  Jack had chocolate molten lava cake with chocolate ice cream (shocker!) and I had the ice cream sampler with 5 flavors of ice cream.  My favorite was the coconut/kaffir lime.   We had a great meal and a great time out.  We didn’t feel too badly about eating so much since it will be about 6 months before we get a date night again.



  1. sounds yummy! Glad you got a nice date. We got many of those when we were down there, we’ve only had one since we arrived back up here and that was for our anniversary. Probably won’t get another until grandparents come visit or we come back down there.

  2. I love that restaurant, it is so yummy! We have gone there for a date night too! With the same gift card! I am so glad to hear that you had a great time and enjoyed the evening together!

  3. sounds delicious!! I might have to make James take me there – was it dressy:)

  4. You need to dress.

  5. I figured you did…man…

  6. Tim & Rhianna says:

    Fun night out at a swanky place…that’s the best. Your food sounds awesome…

  7. Hi, Kim. I apologize that this is really not concerning anything you’re currently writing about, but am trying to get my hands on a Thai version of Monopoly, which led me to your “Life in the Big Mango” blog. Do you by any chance have a suggestion as to where I might order one? I live in Washington state.

    Thanks so much for any leads you might give me.

    • kimmyskids says:

      Dee Gee….I bought mine at Toys R US in Bangkok. Perhaps you could try TRU on-line internationally and see if could be shipped? Did you try Monopoly’s website and see if international versions are available?

    • kimmyskids says:

      Dee Gee…I did a little fact finding for you and couldn’t come up with any solid answers. Toys R US Thailand did not have it on their website. However, in some other forums people stated finding them at Central Dept Stores and perhaps higer end stores like Paragon. I could not find a way to purchase on line. Perhaps some of my friends living in Bkk can comment on this? I hope you locate one.

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