Gracyn had her first trip to American Girl this past Saturday!  We celebrated her 8th birthday a little early with one of her grandmothers.  This was a treat as we had to travel over an hour to lunch and shop at this store.  Gracyn was really excited to go and is a very happy little girl!  We started the day with a lunch at the Bistro.  She brought both of her American Girl dolls, Kit and Ruthie (bffs).  We sat at the counter as all the tables were booked for other little birthday girls.  I didn’t realize that reservations would be so needed.  Both dolls were given chairs to join us for lunch.  Gracyn ordered a rootbeer float and the tic tac toe pizza.  The meal concluded with a birthday ice cream and a round of Happy Birthday from the staff.  She was embarrassed but loved every minute.  Gracyn was a bit anxious to get through the meal so that she could shop!  What a girl she is.  She was given the opportunity to choose any doll she liked and she chose a ” just like you” doll.  This is where you choose one of the non-historical dolls that most resembles your little girl in appearance.   We couldn’t find one with curly hair, but we settled on a straight brown-haired, brown- eyed doll.   Gracyn was happy with her and named her Chloe after much deliberation.   I realized that day that she is going to be 8 and the days of her dressing like a little girl and loving little girl things are counting down.  I am so happy that she can still play dolls and wear cute dresses.  I’m savoring the days.

fun with friends july 71_resize

fun with friends july 79_resize

~picture of Chloe will come soon…




  1. Tim & Rhianna says:

    The bistro has surprisingly good food! What fun that you had a girl’s day with your growing up girl…

  2. Christi says:

    I see you accomplished blogging from your to do list! Way to go! Looks like a fun day. Abby and Sarah had a great time when we were there. They are still talking about it and of course playing with their dolls.

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