We are having a very frugal summer and I must say that I have been pleasantly surprised by the amount of fun we have had without spending  money!  The majority of our activities have cost nothing as I am always looking for free fun.   I thought it would be encouraging and perhaps motivating to list all that we have done cheaply or for free!

  • Vacation Bible School…FREE!
  • sandbox play in the yard….FREE!
  • swimming at the neighborhood pools….FREE!…well…I had to pay HOA fees, but still!
  • keeping the “Pied Piper” and his $2 per pop popcicles at bay by keeping my freezer stocked with frozen novelties….$3 for 24.
  • going to the library every Monday…FREE!
  • Kid’s summer movies at the local movie theater on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday mornings…FREE!
  • park playdates with friends…FREE!
  • golf cart rides around Peachtree City…FREE!
  • unlimited admission to the zoo…$90 for the year for the whole family…paid for in one and a half visits!
  • fishing with grandparents in Peachtree City…FREE!
  • 4th of July parade in Peachtree City with all the novelties…FREE!
  • berry picking and the farmer’s market…$17 for 4lbs of berries and a weeks worth of fresh veg!
  • and coming up…Chick-Fil-A Day on July 10th…free food for all in a cow costume…we need to get crafty!

We have 3 1/2 weeks left of summer and I’m still looking for more free fun!  I have been so pleased that we have staved off boredom so economically.   I’m so grateful for all these offerings to us.



  1. Lisa C Sheldon says:

    you are quite the thrift finder!! that’s lots of free fun you guys have had. glad i got to join in on some of the fun with you:)

  2. Christi says:

    Sounds very fun!

  3. Free is always best! We’ve had a ton of free fun as well–we are hiking the Allatoona Pass (about 15 min. from us) tomorrow for free!

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