Our homeschool curriculum for the up and coming year arrived last week and boy, am I thrilled!  Box day is always fun and this year revealed such a treasure trove.  I am particularly eager about Core 3 as it is part 1 of American History.  Many have said this program is their very favorite Sonlight year due to the thorough integration of language arts and history.   As I put the books on the shelf, I couldn’t help thinking, “Oooo, I can’t wait to read this!”   Perhaps I am more enthusiastic about what I am going to gain than Gracyn.  That is one of the perks of the way we school.  Gracyn has been enthralled with The Little House on the Prairie series, so I know she is going to really enjoy this year as well.  3rd grade is going to be chock-a-block full of learning.  I see this year as a huge leap forward.  Gracyn will learn to write in cursive, read many great literary works, begin Biology and Physics, journey from the earliest Native Americans right through to the American Revolution, and will continue expounding in Mathematics!  I will really need prayers for stamina with this course.  It is tempting to just dive right in, but we are going to make the most of the 4 weeks of summer left.  We will strive to relax and enjoy before August 4th…our first day!



  1. yea!!! hope you have a wonderful “year”!!

  2. Lisa C Sheldon says:

    way too excited about third grade there missy…you already did it once right?? 🙂 I know you and G will learn lots and love it…

  3. Kate Hardy says:

    cursive! ahh the joys…! I never understood why the capital G looked so…un-G like! One of lifes biggest mysteries eh?!
    Oooh I still have all my Little House on the Prarie books and I miss learning American history! Gracyn is a very lucky girl, although perhaps she won’t always agree! Funny how we ‘hate’ school and homework when we are little and then when we get to high school, elementary looks so fun!
    All we ever learnt here was about the Vikings, King Henry the 8th and World War 2. Not very widespread!
    Happy homeschooling!

  4. Tim & Rhianna says:

    Sounds incredible! So excited for you. Enjoy your free and easy summertime and anticipate the fun ahead with school- a great combination, for sure.

  5. Happy Box Day!

    May this next year be your best yet [smile].


  6. Sounds like such fun!

    When we moved back to the States, we decided the boys really needed to get a good dose of US history while they could. We’re kinda slow. We’re just entering modern US history now.

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