“Be faithful in the little things.”  This statement has stuck with me for a few days now.  I heard this, not for the first time, last week at one of our playground playdates.  Perhaps it is sticking with me now, because I really need the message.  A lady in our Sunday School class was telling about a book that she is reading.  I do not remember what the book is or what else it is about.  She had only read a couple chapters and I asked her what she had learned so far.  Being faithful in the little things was her take home message from those two chapters.   I have heard that statement over and over in my mind since.   My friend spoke of what that message meant to the author and how he said that doing so made a difference in his life.  I suppose this message may look diffferently on some levels for each of us.   Of course there are some absolutes that we are all called to faithfulness!   I have been milling this over in my mind and asking, “where is God calling me to be faithful?”  I have not exhausted the areas and will perhaps see more areas come to light in the coming days.   The chief areas for the day are, taking care of my home, husband, and kids as they are where I spend the lion’s share of my hours.  I am to be faithful to care for them, teach them, love them, show proper sympathy, discipline, and so much more!   I am to be faithful in nurturing my relationship with God through corporate and private study and worship.  I am to faithfully participate in facilitating the needs of the church whether those be physical needs or otherwise.   I am to serve and not seek service.  I am to pursue a frugal mindset and to be a faithful steward of all we have not seeking to spend for my own pleasure.  And, I believe as I mentioned before that I am being asked to remain faithful in waiting on the Lord.   I believe that if I am faithful in the little things that I will experience God’s blessings…in whatever form He chooses to bestow them!  I would love to hear any testimonies of  how being faithful in the little things has blessed you!  I certainly need the encouragement.



  1. Christi says:

    I’m reading through “Created to Be His Helpmeet” and one thing that has really made an impression on me is that loving my husband, my children and keeping my home are my ministry. This is what God has called me to, although it may seem like a little thing, this is the career and ministry He prepared me for and has equipped me for. Whether I’m washing dishes or wiping bottoms, I am to be faithful b/c this is the ministry He has given me. For some reason the word “ministry” really spoke to my heart the importance of my job as a wife and mother. Off to be faithful in training to cheerful obedience and diligently done chores.

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