living room redecorated 05_resize

living room redecorated 02_resize

living room redecorated 03_resize

living room redecorated 04_resize

I do not yet have pictures to prove it, but my living room looks great!  Great is in the eye of the beholder, I understand, yet I am very pleased.  We’ve been in our house for about 18 months now and in many ways it is still a work in progress.  Starting over has a funny way of making a new home take eons to decorate.   Until yesterday my living room had no pictures on the walls, and the decor was a smattering of things that were positioned to keep little hands at bay rather than look attractive.  I tried my very best to make it look warm and inviting, yet sometimes clothes and food are more important.  Ya know?  With the permission of my very understanding husband, I was given a small budget to go purchase some things to make our living room more inviting.  I have to say that Ross is an amazing store to find some cheaply priced household goods.  I couldn’t believe the prices on the things I bought.  Kirkland’s also had some amazing deals on wall hangings.  Every picture I bought was under $30!  So for a small amount of money and a little shifting of what I already had, my living room looks transformed! I’m so thrilled.  The kids were pleased as well to be a part of the process.  Aidan said, “Mommy, why does our house look so beautiful?”  How sweet is that?  What an encouragement for my efforts.  Of course, it was just one room, but he appreciated it.  Gracyn called yesterday, “decorating day”.  I must say it does my wandering heart good to make a home that we can all enjoy.  Now,  there is still the issue of our bedroom with a 10 year old tired comfortor and sheet set and zero decor! I hope to tackle that soonish…at least in the next year!



  1. very inspiring… Can’t wait to see it!

  2. It took me years to get to my bedroom! I have been married almost 19 years and just 3 years ago finally bought a new bedroom set! Of course now the living room needs redone, it just never ends! You finish one room and have to do another! I do love Ross and Kirkland’s, 2 of my fave stores!

  3. rhianna says:

    Making a house a home is one of the joys of life…so happy you’re “nesting”!

  4. Lisa C Sheldon says:

    It looks so pretty!! I love the chair in there! and the wall art.

  5. I didn’t know that the pics were up, until now. Those drapes look a lot like the ones that I picked in our last house. I loved them. I’d like a closer look at the art above the loveseat. Speaking of the loveseat, wow. It looks great; I realize it is most likely not part of the revamp, but it’s my first peek at it. Ove the lamp beside the loveseat. Can you tell where I plan to sit my first time over?
    Are the baskets a new addition? I just bought a few from Target and I’m wondering about other sources.
    Good job decorating.

  6. That was Love the lamp, not Ove it!!

  7. kimmyskids says:

    Baskets are new Misty. Got them at Ross and they are all under $9. Very good deals considering they are grass and handmade. Check there. I do want y’all to come over. We need to make that happen this summer. We’ll have to plan on a dinner and fellowship night.

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