Watching your children achieve milestones is one of the joys of parenting.  This past Thursday Gracyn reached another milestone reflecting that she is indeed growing up.  After her first Orthodontist appointment (yes..that is another indicator) we decided to do a little shopping before heading home.  We parked in front of a Claire’s accessory shop and I saw the beckoning call to have your ears pierced for free (with purchase of earrings).  Before I knew what I was saying, I heard myself ask Gracyn if she would like to have her ears pierced.  I think part of me thought she’d decline due to fear of pain, but she answered with a resounding yes!  I couldn’t go back then.  We had discussed almost three years ago letting her pierce her ears as a “starting Kindergarten” big girl treat.  However, I realized that was more my idea than hers.  She was eager, but after consideration I determined that there really was no need to rush her process of growing up and we let the matter drop.  I was four when mine were pierced so almost eight seems quite conservative by those standards.  So, after Gracyn decided that she did indeed want to have her ears pierced, I gave her a few obligatory outs and let her proceed forward.  We picked out her earrings…the standard gold stud…and she had her ears pierced like a champ.  No tears, no fears.  She is very proud of her new ears.  I must say that as I have observed her these last few days that the glint on her ears is making her appear more feminine.  I see the little lady coming out of the girl!  We are still in no need to rush things and I am cherishing her girlhood.  I have banned all sorts of Hannah Montanas and High School Musicals to keep my little girl as long as I can.  I see however, the TWEENIE developing inspite of me.   She is becoming more responsible, knowledgeable, and capable.   She is a rising 3rd grader.   All former 3rd grade teachers know that 3rd grade is the launching pad towards the end of young childhood!  *sigh*




  1. Lisa C Sheldon says:

    She looks so pretty in that picture too!!! I had my ears done when i was really young, dont remember how young, but i think about 3 or 4 maybe. I can’t wait to see them and compliment her! 🙂

  2. I think I had my ears pierced around that age. She’s old enough to care for them properly, so that’s a good thing. She looks lovely.

    I recently switched to google reader instead of bloglines and am able to pick up your blog again!

  3. kimmyskids says:

    Yea Brea…I’m glad you figured it out bc I had no idea about feeds and such! I’m def glad I waited to pierce her ears when she could appreciate it and participate in the care.

  4. I love how you are cheering her on yet not rushing her. I did not want that info about third grade as I have a rising third grader myself. I am glad that they are growing up as God designed it. I will miss those little boy things, though.
    Gracyn is beautiful. I have a little boy that thinks so, too.

  5. Oh, sweet, beautiful girl. A fun milestone. She looks so happy, which is a blessing. And how was your weekend away?

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