After posting about starting our Easter devotions, I began contemplating Easter Day and our menu.  Traditionally I have always had ham with all the fixins’ for Easter.  However, if I learned anything from Thanksgiving and Christmas it was that I worked way too hard making the perfect meal.  Only two of us really ate any of it.  So this time, I am determined to actually enjoy myself on a holiday.  I’m not going to slave in the kitchen all day.  I am going to enjoy worship and spending time with my family.  I decided to simplify our meal based on the sheer joy I experienced eating food at a baby shower this past weekend.  The food was so simple, yet delightfully good.  My only real task is to find out who made that delicious green salad with strawberries, apples, and raspberries in the big wooden bowl.  The dressing was incredible.  I’m looking for you!  Here is the menu that I have decided on:

Chicken salad on rolls or Carr’s crackers

Broccoli salad and/or Asian slaw

Spinach strawberry salad with strawberry vinegrette (at least I think this is what the salad was)

Flower shaped sandwich cut-outs with jelly beans on top for the kiddos (saw this at a tea shop…adorable!)

Some sort of chocolate dessert for the chocoholic

Iced Tea

Most of this can be made ahead which will help me after coming home from Worship.  Everything is a simple prep, delicious, and looks so elegant.  I’ll use my fine china to add some panache.  Now I can enjoy round after round of egg hunts!



  1. Sounds like a Grega salad.

  2. kimmyskids says:

    I was thinking it might be Britt, but I’ll ask Wendy.

  3. Hmmm. Maybe it was Britt, Wendy made the mousse.

  4. Christi says:

    Go for the triple chocolate scones for dessert! They taste better the next day, so you can make them up ahead of time. Email me if you don’t still have the link with the recipe.

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