Have you pulled out your Resurrection Eggs?  We are now 12 days away from Easter Sunday, which is just enough time to use Ressurection Eggs for devotions leading up to Easter.  I have always let these 12 days sneak up on me and often find myself covering several eggs in a day.  This year I marked my calendar ahead of time so that we could go at the appropriate pace.  Today we started with the first egg…the donkey!  The kids enjoyed finding the hidden egg, opening the egg to discover the contents and listening to the story.  We ended our time with the kids suggesting we sing “Hosanna”.  Now they are hiding a toy donkey around the house for each other to find.  This Sunday they will be carrying palm branches at church!



  1. Kim,
    There’s also a great resource at Desiring God… called Lenten Lights. You can start the devos a week before Easter for each day…I believe you can light candles, etc. Below is the website. http://www.desiringgod.org/ResourceLibrary/Articles/ByDate/2007/2033_Lenten_Lights/
    Also, I am sorry about not Skyping with you…Adele was in the hospital for two days (Saturday thru Monday) and needless to say I’ve been a bit busy since returning..maybe next week? Any good days? I am sorry for standing you up!
    Glad you are preparing for an “easy” Easter. I hope it is worshipful and enjoyable. I haven’t even thought about it yet, but I guess it is coming up on us.
    Love yah!

  2. Thanks for the reminder…too bad I didn’t read blogs this morning! Looks like I’ll have to double up tomorrow…

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