This boy is crazy about cars.   Jasper spends his entire day doing things like lining up cars in the window sills!  He is very intentional about placing the cars.  Watch out if anyone tries to move or touch one of these gems.  He carries about 5 Matchbox cars around with him at all times.  He definately does not want to share these cars with his big brother which can cause tears on both sides of the spectrum.  He is working on sharing, but is convinced that all the cars are just for him.  Only one car causes serious contention and that being a Cheerios stock racing car.  Jasper is blessed that for the most part Aidan is tender and submissive to Jasper’s desire for these goodies on wheels.  Jasper has just learned to stop calling these toys “boofs” and can now say cars!  It starts young with boys, doesn’t it?



  1. that is too cute! he’s gonna be organized like you:)

  2. Hallelujah!

  3. Kim,
    It started with PJ when he was about 9 months old and Calvin, having an older brother with such love, was born into it…and yep, I remember the days when PJ would have to take cars EVERY where with him (we lost a few due to that) and now Calvin is in that stage. PJ now takes little toy animals everywhere! And, now with Adele, she loves cars too, but not as dearly as her older brothers…she’s way more into her baby dolls! (thank goodness!)

  4. Ha! I played with Matchbox toys when I was little. Linda bought some Schuco Piccolo solid metals cars for me in Switzerland in the 60s that I loved and still have. I gave most of my Matchbox toys that I bought with my allowance every week, probably about 75, to Durk to give to his son Brad, who played with them. When Brad outgrew them, Durk mixed the Matchbox toys into cement for the back patio of his house. You should have seen his face when I told him what those old toys were worth!

  5. *grin*

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