My husband’s company holds their Southern Regional meeting during the 3 days surrounding Valentine’s Day.  Last year I was alone for Valentines and here I sit today…alone…well, with 3 kids.  I suppose I am now going to be Valentine~less from here on out…what are they thinking?  These men have wives!  I am trying to make the best of it, by realizing that true love serves and does not demand to be served.  So, I am trying to serve Jack by holding down the fort.  Excuse me, the dog just threw up, so let me go and serve. * eyes rolling*  Ok, so where was I? Yes, yes…serving.  I have tried to stay busy by doing all the little and big things that I have a hard time doing on a regular basis.  Here’s how we have spent our time.

  • homeschooling
  • laundry, laundry and more laundry
  • making valentines for friends
  • making a fruit pizza for Aidan’s class
  • shopping for a birthday gift for a friend
  • dealing with baby tantrums
  • wiping smudges off walls
  • washing sheets just accidents!
  • cleaning bathrooms
  • eating all the leftovers…I have barely cooked!
  • wiping out the fridge
  • taking out trash
  • oraganizing office drawers
  • dusting
  • attempting to watch The Sound of Music, but the kids were bored
  • prepping burp cloths for sewing
  • sweeping the floors up to 4 times daily…crumbs and moonsand
  • reading magazines at night
  • cutting Jasper’s hair by myself for the first time
  • vacuuming upstairs
  • picking up “boofs” (cars) around the entire downtairs
  • reminding myself to prepare to teach Sunday School
  • saving money by not buying Valentine’s treats this year…I feel badly, but relieved to not have to spend money on candy we don’t need.
  • giving myself pep talks to endure just a little while longer!

The kids are ready to be let out of the corral, so I suppose I must let them out of their rooms.  It has been a nice 15 minutes!



  1. Very busy day for you. I remember a couple of years in a row Brad’s company had sales meetings on Valentines day. I thought how in the world could they plan such a thing…I know these guys have wives they are friends of mine. Crazy!

    • I know how dumb is that? I got roses at 10 PM so I guess its alright. I just hope this doesn’t happen every year. 😛

  2. oh! I am so sorry to hear that! I hope you guys have a wonderful week this week just to make up for it!

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