I had to post about this pillow because it was such a sweet gesture.  Little things mean a great deal to me…to be thought of!  My Titus group leadepillow-05_resize1r made each of the ladies in the group these throw pillows for Valentine’s Day.  She chose this verse about the heart to encourage us to continue doing all things out of a pure heart and with God honoring motives.  We will make mistakes, but having pure heart motives is half the battle towards obedience to God in this life.  Rena, our leader, is such a sweet and serving lady.  I look forward to the journey of growing with her.  I’m also just amazed at her craftsmanship.  She even embroidered these pillows herself.  I’m amazed people can make things and I hope to one day be able to do that too.  Rena is quite the seamstress.  Maybe she can teach me a trick or two.



  1. that was so sweet!
    have a great vday!

  2. This is the cutest pillow! She is quite the seamstress. I use to love to sew but have now moved on to other crafty things! I know with some time you will find your creative outlet, it just takes time and you have to try a few different things!

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