We’ve had a somewhat shaky start back to school after a very long Christmas break. I suppose this is all pretty typical of most returns to schedules. We started back yesterday. One of the challenges to our “new semester” is starting mid-week and feeling that I must accomplish 5 days of school in 3. Some might say, “well, don’t do that!” However, the program we use really does lend itself to staying with the 5 day a week plan. It gets confusing to operate in half week increments. In hindsight I should have started back on Monday, but also really wanted the 2 extra vacation days! All this being said, we have had other challenges as well. Jasper dropped his morning nap right before Christmas so he is awake during school ours. This causes multiple distractions as well as broken household items. I am trying to refigure our hours and schedule so that Jasper is being involved somehow. Currently, he has had a nice long snack, scribbled along with us in the high chair, and has watched Barney or Thomas the Tank Engine. This actually consumes very little time due to toddler attention spans! Having a “school room” would be a blessing, but for now we will have to make do. To add insult to injury, today had Aidan wetting himself as one of the myriad of other distractions we faced. I have reminded myself to do what we can this week, knowing that next week will bring some familiarity and greater cooperation. I have found in raising kids that just when you get a pattern set, that a change is bound to come and make you search for a new normal. We are there. If any fellow homeschool moms happen to read this blog, feel free to coment and share your best tips for keeping little ones occupied and dealing with distractions. If you feel so inclinded, create a post on your blog to share with me!



  1. HI Kim, my sister in law shared this on her blog a while back (from another home school blog) but I think you you might find it helpful with Jasper…I have done some of the tips but pretty much have just let Calvin do whatever during Home School and Adele is still napping in the morning or afternoon when we home school.
    Hope this helps!


  2. Thx…gonna go see!

  3. i see you got it to work and let you move the blog over…yay!

  4. Well, look at you with your fancy new blog! I love it! We’re all home and well and happy here; have had our rough moments but overall all is well. I hope you’re getting into your groove now after the holidays. We’re on hiatus and I imagine we will be for a while…but Em’s started a Kindermusik class that will be great for her so at least she has something enriching to do. Love to all the C’hams!

    • kimmyskids says:

      I’m so glad you are all doing well. I understand the rough moments in the beginning, especially with 3. I had a few meltdowns in the first 2 weeks. 😮 I know God will be gracious to you all and that this will be a sweet time. Enjoy your hiatus, I’m sure Emmy is spot on with where she should be, so enjoy your downtime! I bet you are going to be in casserole paradise with being here and I hope that will be an extra special blessing to you. Gracyn mentioned doing a sleep over with Emmy so we will make that happen in the next month or two…Lord willing. Will be glad to meet Tim somewhere to arrange a pick up. We’ll work that out in good time. For now, enjoy that chunkster!

  5. Kim,
    I like the new wordpress blog, way to go! And I am glad you found the site helpful. =)

    • kimmyskids says:

      Thank you. It has been a bigger project than I imagined, but I think I will pleased when all said and done. I hope to have a pic of my “over the door” goody bag tomorrow! That was so helpful. We’ll see how tomorrow plays out when they can play with it. I know it won’t be a cure all, but it will help.

  6. I’ll post a blog about what I do–maybe it will help?

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