My garden~yard seems to be really confused. We have had a respectable amount of rain lately and warm temperatures. I feel like this is the winter that wasn’t! Our bermuda grass is coming in with new green shoots in various places. Though most of my plants have died back for the winter, a good portion of the bulbs I planted this fall have sprung shoots! The shoots are about 12 inches long. So far we haven’t seen signs of flowering, yet I feel somewhat concerned that this warm~rainy spell will cause all the tulips and irises to suffer from a blighted growing season. As I have mentioned before, I am not someone who knows much about gardening. I merely go dig holes and plant things, sort of learning along the way. I have been anticipating the spring and the arrival of all my bulbs. I now fear that the early growth will be a problem once real winter arrives and kills the shoots. I wonder if they will bloom at all this year. I had a picture to post, but it seems that I too suffer blight on many fronts. I have one bent on bringing destruction to anything I put my hand to. What I do, he undos. Currently his obsession is pushing keys on my computer causing all sorts of havoc. Therefore, no pictures to show the bulb growth. If any of you dear readers have any advice concerning this early growth, I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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