Happy New Year! I’m looking forward to a slower January. December ended up being a busy month and somewhat stressful in spite of having most of my shopping finished by mid-November. We had a nice Christmas, but I am happy to be through the season and moving on towards “normal days”. We are having a nice, long break for the holidays and school will not start back until January 7th. I’m using these days to catch up with all the things left undone from the December hustle and bustle. I’m hoping to get on top of the laundry, shopping, and organizing of the bedrooms before school starts back. I do not normally make New Year’s Resolutions and this year will be no different. I do, however, try to work on things that need improving continually. I would like to see January be a return to some of the basics. I find that with the holiday season, many of my goals get thrown by the wayside just to make it through. I would like to continue trying to save money on groceries. I saved over $2,200 this past year! We’ve eaten out more than we should due to busyiness this past month and I haven’t planned meals very well. I would like to find time to read and journal. I guess I should buy a new journal first. I reflect on how stable my emotions were during my bedrest months because I was getting them all out on paper. I really do need an outlet to just speak and not worry about if there is anyone listening. Not having a BFF at the moment makes it almost a neccessity! Of course, God is listening and I find that I pray more when I journal. Also, I am able to see God’s hand working through recording the ways in which He works. Often I miss what He is doing because I am so busy trying to do it myself. I am hoping for a great year. I am hoping for provisions to be made for special needs. I am hoping for changes within myself that need changing. I am hoping to adapt without forgetting. I’m hoping to love and be loved. I hope that you all have a Happy New Year too!



  1. Bill, Misty, Will, and Laura Ann says:

    Happy New Year to You Too. I love the pictures of the kids in their pajamas. Tell Jasper that a new little lady will be joining him in nursery when we get back to church! Have you seen how fast she walks?
    We have something in common on the friend front it seems. I just said a prayer for both of us in that department. It seems to take a lot of work to build friendships and sometimes I guess we aren’t in the season to make that investment. I just keep trying to remind myself of what God has done in the past and pray for the future and for contentment for now. (But I’m doing pretty crummy with the contentment thing)
    I’m also hoping to eat at home more often. I’ve been doing pretty well but the budget sure looks a lot better when we only eat out once a month!

  2. Misty..I too think that having little ones makes friendships a challenge. I’m just use to have some really neat women in my life and coming back to the States to a dry spell with that has been confusing. I think the mission field forces you to go deep with people quicker, whereas people can be more gaurded here. I dunno…I’m till tossing ideas around. But, I’m here, if you need an ear or a friend!

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