Today’s Thanksgiving craft was Turkey hand puppets! The kids really enjoyed making these and are currently waiting for them to fully dry so that they may make a turkey play. These were really easy to make and I actually came up with this idea…so you know it is easy! I am not a crafty gal. To make these you will need two pieces of light brown felt for each puppet. You’ll also need 1 piece each of orange, red, and dark brown felt. One sheet of each will be plenty for up to 5 puppets or more! Medium google eyes and autumn colored pom poms add the decorative touches. Make a mitten template by tracing your hand (without fingers) onto a piece of heavy paper. Use this pattern to make two mitten shapes out of the light brown felt. Glue them together to make a wearable mitten. Add one google eye, an orange felt beak, a red waddle, pom pom tail “feathers”, and a dark brown wing. Let dry and sit back for a turkey play put on by your kiddos!



  1. Bill, Misty, Will, and Laura Ann says:

    Oh how cute and fun!

  2. they are so cute! looks like you guys had a good day:)

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