I do try not to get on my soap box often, but I wanted to share with my readers out there some things that have been on my mind lately. With the passing election, I have seen our nation putting a lot of hope in one candidate or another. I have been reflecting that real change will not come from some elected official. No government can cure all our social ills. While we are praying for President-Elect Obama to be successful and to lead this nation, I believe that we can bring hope to people right now by God’s grace. I have been overwhelmed lately by the sheer mass of needs in this world. I find myself faced almost daily with needs that need meeting. At times I feel bombarded with requests for money or things to be given to various ministries, people and organizations. I want to give, yet often feel that I cannot make a dent in the needs out there. At times, I feel there is barely enough to support my own family. However, as this crazy election season has been playing out before our eyes, I have become more and more convinced that the Church needs to be giving to take care of the needs of the world. If we would give sacrificially, we could have so much to go around. Our pastor preached on stewarship yesterday and the sermon spoke just what my heart has been feeling. I won’t go into that area of giving, but I do want to challenge each of you reading this blog to give this season and beyond. Last week I was just about in tears over a simple little picture in the Toys R Us catalogue. The picture showed a little boy receiving a “Toys for Tots” Christmas gift. I don’t know why I was particularly struck by the picture as the boy didn’t look particularly needy. It was after all a model. Yet, there was something about the smile on the boy’s face that revealed the heart of a child receiving a gift and feeling loved and important. I thought for a moment about my own children and the way their faces would look if we could not provide a Christmas for them. I imagined the hurt and confusion. Now, I know there are many out there who have differing views on gifts for Christmas, but I am asking you to set that aside for a moment. I’m asking you to picture the joy of a child receiving a gift and feeling for a brief moment a respite from their current economic situation. Imagine the child cherishing a small token on Christmas that lets them know there is a world out there who remembers them. Have you ever seen a child’s face when he or she has been given something special? It radiates! Readers, would you consider buying two small gifts this year, one for a boy and one for a girl, and donating them to the organization of your choosing this season? Would you fill a few grocery bags and donate them to your local food pantry or church? Would you consider donating old, gently worn clothing to DFACS for children who desperately need clothing. I understand that during these times of financial hardship that this might be a stretch for some of us. I just feel that if we could find more ways to take care of those in need that we could make real headway into some of the difficulties in our communities. Our church has said that not a week goes by without requests from people for some sort of aid. People in need turn to the church. Let’s be there. I know we all have different views on poverty and the situations that perpetuate poverty. I want us to remember that children in these situations have no control over what their parents do or don’t do. Children in poverty have no voice. Please help clothe, feed and bring joy to these little faces this holiday season. We, after all, do not have because we deserve it; we have by God’s grace and we have to give.



  1. Operation Christmas child – do you have that in the states? Shoeboxes full of toys, toothbrushes, sweets, educational stuff to give to children both abroad and domestically. Its a very good way to get lots of people involved in getting little things to add to make one larger gift to a child in need.

  2. Our growing family says:


  3. Anna, we do have that. I’m not sure if our church participates in this, but I do know some families do.

  4. Scott Hayden says:

    amen, amen.

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