We participated in our first Summergrove Halloween extravaganza…and extravaganza it was! We have heard that this is the place to be for good trick or treating. We began the night by joining our street wide pizza dinner before trick or treating. We were able to finally meet some neighbors! This was great as we really have wondered how to connect with people we rarely see. At least, they know what we look like now and vice versa! The kids enjoyed the pizza and treats. We went “begging” with another family on our street and enjoyed talking along the way. They are a fairly new family to our subdivision and our girls have had a few playdates. We strapped Jasper into our wagon and he just enjoyed the ride while Gracyn and Aidan filled their pumpkins to the brim with treats. Gracyn enjoyed dressing up as Lucy from Chronicles of Narnia and Aidan was Batman. Jasper was an adorable lion and we can say he was Aslan to Gracyn’s Lucy.



  1. Cindy Leaf says:

    The kids look great!! I love the outfits. How fun that Lucy had Aslan. And how creative! Please tell Gracyn she was a beautiful Lucy!

  2. Bridget Beth says:

    So cute!!

  3. Great costumes. I think Gracyn makes a wonderful Lucy!

  4. Very fun! Everyone looks adorable, and I’m so glad you had some neighbor time.

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