Last Friday Aidan’s preschool hosted Muffins with Mom. We had muffins (of course) with juice while the kids sang a song praising that wonderful thing of being a Mom. Each mom was presented with a book about her as seen through the eyes of her child. Here is what Aidan thinks of me:

What is your Mommy’s name? Mommy
What does she look like? skinny with brown hair
How old is your Mommy? 6+7
Where does your Mommy work? store (I do?)
What does she do at work? Target
What do you like to do with your Mommy? games and TV
What does your Mommy cook that you like to eat? macaroni and cheese
How do you make it? put it in a bowl
What is your Mommy’s favorite thing to do? play games
Vital statistics:
My Mommy’s name is Mommy.
She is 6 years old.
Her hair is brown.
Her eyes are brown.
She is 2 ft tall and weighs 6 pounds.
Color: green, purple, brown and black
Game: Diego
Movie: Dora
Food: Macaroni
I love my Mommy because she’s pretty and has pretty clothes.


  1. I love it!! that is just too cute to see how his mind is working.

  2. I love to hear exactly what they think- it’s good to get a window into their minds! Very fun. So do you really love mac and cheese, or is he projecting his feelings on you?

  3. I don’t love the mac and cheese! He just wishes I made it everyday!

  4. Bill, Misty, Will, and Laura Ann says:

    I am almost crying laughing!!! Aidan you are a hoot, man!! I am so glad to hear that you like mac and cheese. Did you get some on Wed night? A pretty skinny mom with pretty clothes and 2 feet tall at that!! HA HA HA

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