My little precious has been picked on. Some people have suggested that Jasper needed a hair cut. He has been accused of having a mullet. I think he’s perfect, mullet and all. He is my last baby. His little head has his newborn hair on it and I just wanted to keep it as is. No longer will there be any downy heads to nuzzle. Jasper’s hair is his own comfort item as well. However, to make the masses happy, I caved and got the boy his first haircut. I already sort of regret it. I feel the sniffles coming on. Jasper was such a big boy though. He sat right in the chair and promptly began eating animal crackers…which he loves. Church nursery has made him a junkie. The crackers were the perfect distraction, as long as he had one in each hand. The stylist was able to cut without any squirming. He only began to cry once the clippers came on the scene. The clippers lasted only a second or two and so did the tears! Jasper has emerged as a little boy!

Bless his little heart!


  1. I think he is sad in the last one because he ran out of cookies:) he is a little cookie monster

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