Happy first day of Autumn! I am so in the mood for fall. We have been busily working to spruce up the outside of our home for the fall season. Friday night found me spontaneously driving to Lowe’s and buying pansies. Jack and I proceeded to plant them practically in the dark on Friday night. Pansies are tolerant to cool temperatures and should provide us with some color during the coming months. Jack also bought me two huge garden Mums to put in the terra cotta planters the old home owners left for us. They now flank the doorway and provide warmth and welcome. Our mailbox got a good treatment as well as Jack cut down the “weed” growing around it. It really wasn’t a weed but was an unruly plant in the jasmine family that just could not be tamed. Instead, Jack planted some dark red annuals. We decided that the mailbox area could be the spot where we change the flowers according to our fancy. Thinking ahead, I also bought some tulip, iris and daffodil bulbs that will be planted now, but will not be seen until spring! Now, I just need a couple of cute “punkins” to complete my fall decor outside.



  1. yeah for mums!!! and yeah for fall!

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