We finally got around to having our lemonade stand. Our community promotes two yard sales a year in which families are encouraged to participate. We had some things we were looking to sell such as kid’s clothing. We decided that having our lemonade stand in conjunction with the yard sale would make sales easier. The kids were excited about this prospect. Their excitement turned to disappointment at times when they began to realize that everyone who drove past would not want lemonade and cookies. It was a great lesson in perseverance, sales techniques and the like. All in all, the lemonade stand brought in about $33 after we deducted what funds mom and dad put in. Our yard sale wasn’t as successful as we hoped. I really thought I could unload some kid’s clothes but apparently they were hard sells. Maybe spring will be more fruitful. It was a great first go at this and we will know how to improve for the future. We still have 2 containers full of lemonade in the refridgerator…lemonade anyone?


  1. Bill, Misty, Will, and Laura Ann says:

    $33.00 profit, WOW! I’m sure the experience was priceless though!

  2. Glad you got to sell some lemonade! What a fun idea. When we had yardsales growing up we would always put hotdogs, pork and saurkraut in the crockpot and sell them…in central PA that is always a draw and it helps that the smell just wafts thru the air! People would stop just to get the food and then we’d try to unload some more stuff! =)
    and $33 isn’t bad!

  3. Crystal…man y’all were a regular food stall! We’ll have to try that sometime.

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