Book stores are such trouble makers. I decide to “stop by” Barnes and Noble today to just look. What I found was a hullabaloo of books screaming to me from the shelves. I have a running list in my mind of all the books I ought and want to read to my kids. This is not a problem…this is a good thing. However, I can never really make up my mind as to which books I should purchase now. There are too many that I feel like I need to be reading right now and I really do not want to wait. I think I fear that my child is missing out by having to wait…or maybe I feel I am missing out. Who knows? So today I was torn between starting the Redwall books, Anne of Green Gables, The Adventures of Robin Hood (I saw a beautiful copy), The Wind in the Willows, and continuing the Little House series. No, I didn’t buy them all. Jack really wants to start the Redwall books because he enjoyed them and knows that Gracyn will like the talking mice or rats…which ever the case may be. Jack and Gracyn just finished the entire Chronicles of Narnia and Gracyn loved them. She is so bummed that C.S. Lewis will not keep writing books about Narnia. We explained that he has died and can’t do so. Of course she had to watch Narnia…again…after reading the books. I settled on buying The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Graeme. This book has talking rats and moles and such. She eats that up. I also bought Farmer Boy to continue the Little House books. I agonized over Anne of Green Gables but ultimately decided that it would still be there in the future. I get so overwhelmed with choosing books because I know what I want and I want my kids to be avid readers of good quality literature. Who doesn’t love getting lost in tale? I have to remember that it is ok to pace myself and enjoy the road paved with treasures ahead of us. ( I bought the boys some books too! 😉 )


  1. LivingFree says:

    We just LOVE Farmer Boy, it is our favorite of the Little House Series, we’ve read it several times now! We read that same version of the Wind In The Willows, I recognize the illustrations. I didn’t buy it, but just checked it out from the library.

    I know what you mean about the problem with book stores. I love books and book stores and always come home with a pile, but I’m even worse at the library. I always end up with more than we can read, and then I lose them and they end up being overdue.

    Books, wonderful books!!! How blessed we are to live in a time when books are relatively inexpensive and many are free online, but I still love to hold the book in my hand.

  2. Our growing family says:

    I can’t even go in bookstores…bad news! =)
    I found that our kids were not as interested in Farmer Boy…they kept asking where Laura and Mary were! Too funny!

  3. Bridget Beth says:

    bookstores are dangerous places for me, too. But I figure buying books is a better vice than a lot of others I could have 🙂

    P.S. I love Gracyn’s work!

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