Last spring we took a family field trip to the Chattahoochee Nature Center. There we were treated to a 45 minute lesson on the Box Turtle. We learned many interesting facts such as how to tell if the turtle were male or female, the age of the turtle, and also how to rescue a turtle that has lost its way into a road. Apparently many of these Box Turtles are being killed by cars. These little creatures can live long lives so we really do want them to live! Yesterday, we were presented with the opportunity to put our “rescue” skills into action. As we were turning into our church, we spotted a turtle trying to cross the road. (sounds like a joke..doesn’t it?) He was characteristically slow and in a precarious position since that very road would soon be busy with traffic coming to the kid’s program at church. Having an avid naturalist in the car meant that I could not drive on. She would never forgive me. I quickly parked the car and went over to the turtle as fast as I could..before the cars really started to arrive. I “shooed” the turtle with my foot as I was taught to get him to close up into his shell. Once he was safely hiding, I picked him up and placed him in the car. I let the children briefly inspect him so we could see how old he was and such. He was about 16 years old…if we counted the rings on his shell correctly! I walked him over to a wooded area and tried to encourage him to stay there until I could check on him later. About an hour later, he was trying to find his way to some place, yet he was edging himself to the parking lot of the church. I once again, walked him more deeply into an overgrown area hoping he would go that direction. I do not know if that is where he will reside as we also learned that turtles have a sort of “homing device” that leads them to their preferred habitat. At the very least, life was spared for the day and the kids were excited to be part of a rescue!


  1. Cindy Leaf says:

    reminds me of the time Marc & I found baby opossums on the side of the road and brought them home. I'm sure mom & dad were "delighted" with our find. They helped us call the nature center and turn them in. wonder what ever happened…
    You are a good mama!

  2. Thanks. According to the nature center, they rehab the animals and release them if they are sure of survival. If not, they keep them. 🙂

  3. Scott Hayden says:

    Ahhhh….Dude Crush would be proud.

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