I am having an interesting day…as most of you in Georgia are. We are currently on break from school while we hunker down in front of The Weather Channel. We are watching very closely for the tornadoes that possibly could come with the remnants of Tropical Storm Fay. We’ve been getting buckets of rain intermittently. The kids are somewhat concerned but are calmly reading books in the living room presently. It is hard to finish our lessons under the circumstances. Thankfully we covered most everything today before we heard the bad weather reports. So far the weather hasn’t turned severe as we were told to expect. Prayerfully it will just be the much needed rain to pull us out of this drought. We haven’t seen the sun since last Wednesday. It has been somewhat cozy though and has stirred me to want to have tea, scones and tea sandwiches! I need excuses to pull out my celadon tea set. I can’t do that today due to lack of supplies, the fact that I am bringing a meal to a church member tonight and can’t manage an additional kitchen exercise. Yet, I have thought that I really should make a point to do memorable things with the kids like a weekly tea one afternoon during the colder months. Not only would it be fun, but would also give me a platform to refine the table manners of my children in need of a good polishing. Maybe perhaps it would prepare them for a future trip to the Cotswolds that I now have my eye on thanks to Travel+Leisure.



  1. Our growing family says:

    wow-I hope you are all safe! keep us posted!

  2. Bridget Beth says:

    From tornadoes to the Cotswolds. That IS an interesting day!

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