Our church as a decent sized group of homeschoolers. While our church has never had a “real” homeschool group, the moms have gotten together from time to time. I have never had the privilege of participating in anything they have done yet. It seems I came in last year at a time when not much was going on. Tonight I am attending a gathering for the homeschool moms. We are having a salad supper and a time of sharing what our summers have taught us. I must confess that I am apprehensive about attending as it seems all these moms are already somewhat tight in friendships. I am the new girl, the outsider. However, I recognize my need for the fellowship of these moms and for their experience. Still, it is never easy to just blend in. I’m going and hoping that I come home encouraged. We are supposed to bring a book that we have read this summer to share with the group. The only book I could bring would be A Charlotte Mason Companion. It is a bit like sharing Mechanics for Dummies to a group of seasoned mechanics! However, it is what I have been working through. I guess I really should try to read more for pleasure.



  1. LivingFree says:


    I’ll be praying that God will open up some wonderful friendships through that group. I know the group of homeschool moms here that I meet with have been a tremendous blessing in my life. We meet one night a month through out the school year and it is a much looked forward to and treasured night for me. I always come away feeling encouraged and loved. No matter how seasoned a hs mom may be she can always use encouragement, support and prayer from other moms in the trenches. As they open up and share you will be amazed we all have many of the same insecurities and fears. I think Charlotte Mason Companion is a great book to share. It’s one of my favorites and am sure there are others who will be encouraged by it. If someone was to bring that to a meeting here, it would remind me of how great a book it is and I’d go home and reread it, lol! In my opinion Charlotte Mason Companion is a great book to read for pleasure, but then again I’m a hs book junkie.

    I’m jealous, we don’t start our meeting until next month.

    Have fun. Be blessed.

  2. Proud of you for putting yourself out there, and hope it was a fun evening. As we know, it takes going through that “these people don’t know me!” stage before friendships can be forged, and you are and will get through that. Praise God that there’s such a group!

    Hello from Atlanta, by the way:)!

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