It is Friday at 10 AM and we are done for the day and for the week! It has been a really good week on the HS front. I have been super impressed by the quality of the books we are using and by the curriculum planners at Sonlight. As I have mentioned before we are doing a World History course this year as well as last year. I have been really pleased by the way the curriculum has unified Bible, History and Science. The Bible has been about creation (as you might expect), History has been about the earliest civilizations (Mesopotamia) and Science has been giving us a Biblical perspective on dinosaurs and some basic Earth sciences such as rock types, parts of the Earth and the like. Sonlight has done an excellent job of using books that repeat and reinforce ideas. I love the unity we are getting. I can see Gracyn beginning to understand the “facts” through story form. She can tell me without hesitation that the earliest writings by the Sumerians in Mesopotamia were called Cuneiform and that the Egyptians wrote in Hieroglyphics. She knows that Mesopotamia is now Iraq. She knows the 15 countries of the Middle East by heart. She knows where the Tigris and Euphrates rivers are located and their significance to agriculture. It is neat to know these places and to relate Bible stories to them. We are praying for Iraq and for the Coptic Christians in Egypt. Did you know that Egypt used to be a primarily Christian nation until the Muslims invaded? I didn’t. Get a copy of Windows on the World for your child! It is a well written publication of the World for children learning to pray for the nations. I know some of you wish I would just pipe down but I just am having the best time! Of course I do admit that some days I think I am a mad woman to be doing this..but only occassionally.



  1. LivingFree says:

    I’m so glad you’re enjoying HS so much. I know we love it and I am amazed at how much I learn right along with the kids. I thought history was dull and boring until I started learning it with the kids. Now I find it absolutely fascinating, full of real people, places and events, not just some facts to be remembered for a test.

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