Splish~ Splash!
Aidan was invited to HIS first birthday party this past weekend. It was the only time that only He was invited to a party and wasn’t tagging along with Gracyn. His friend Katie from church turned 3 and has a splash party. This was the simplest, yet cutest party I have ever seen. Katie’s mom put out a couple of inflatable kiddie pools, a slip n slide, and a spray toy. She also put out a water~sand table. The kids had the best time just playing together. There was no need for party games or for keeping the kids from chaos. They were all calm and enjoyed relaxing water play. The party fare was PB&J sandwiches cut into little triangles, chips, fruit and lemonade. In Lieu of cake, the kiddos were served an ice cream cone which they could decorate with sprinkles. Simplicity! I loved it. Too bad Aidan’s birthday is in November or I’d so be doing this.



  1. LivingFree says:

    Sounds like my kind of party! The only thing I can think of simpler is to have it at the park and use their splash pad. We have awesome splash pads at our wonderful parks here in IA. In fact we spent the morning at our favorite park and the kids entertained themselves in the splash pad.

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