It looks like Little by Little won the vote. Some faithful ones out there still like Mommy’s Circus and I appreciate the support…also I appreciate the 10 people out there reading this blog! Someone doesn’t like any of my ideas but I guess that is to be expected. So, I will be changing over to Little by Little. My URL will stay the same at I’m sure most of you have figured out my meaning in Little by Little but incase you haven’t the blog is about all the ways we are learning and growing Little by Little. I am so blessed to be able to watch my children grow physically, and especially blessed to watch them grow spiritually and intellectually as well. I’m thrilled to be the main influence over their little lives..which is a huge responsibility! I must be worthy (in Christ) of the calling to take on such a task and therefore I must be striving to grow as well. This is our journey be it smooth or rocky at times. (Now if I can just find a snazzy header…)



  1. John and Sue Burch says:

    Just like we are learning Spanish – Poco a Poco!!!

  2. I really like Little by Little. I think it fits really well!

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