The first day in a nutshell:

Our hearts have a little voice that tell us there is a God and that we should know Him.

God created the world and everything in it.

Consonants are all letters except a,e,i, o, and u.

If I can spell chew, I can spell nephew…sequential spelling day 1.

Clara’s dad doesn’t think there is time for reading on a farm, but Clara desperately wants to learn. (Clara and the Bookwagon)

A calf is an animal and a body part…many other words have the same spelling and sound but different meanings.

Some people think the world was started by a star which sparked, cooled and formed the World. We know better.

I can learn all the continents and oceans in a song!

I can pray for people groups around the world.

I can still count to 100, write my numbers to 100, count items in a set, pick the number before and after, and all these 1st grader things.

There is a great dinosaur mystery. The Brontosaurus doesn’t exsist. It is a diplodicus’ body with an apotosaurus’ head. No one knows what dinosaurs really look like because bones are a big jigsaw puzzle and many scientists guess. No one has seen a live dinosaur to prove anything.

The Wolf was tricked by the Kid and should have stuck to his “butcher’s trade”. (Aesop’s Fables)

A boat with red sails lands in Capri and an adventure is brewing! (Red Sails to Capri)



  1. Our growing family says:

    WOW! I cannot believe all that you go through in one day!! Very exciting!

  2. what a great first day! Sign me up!
    – Tim

  3. If we move to your neighborhood, will you teach my kids?!?

  4. CIndy…sure if you move to my neighborhood I’ll teach your kids…but you have to teach all of them the upper math one day!!

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