Gracyn celebrated her 7th birthday (3 days early) with a little girl’s tea party. We held the party at Aunt Laura’s Sweet and Tea Shoppe in Fayetteville. 9 little girls came dressed in summery sundresses ready for tea. The girls could choose between pots of peppermint or chocolate mint tea. For those not so into tea, lemonade was available. Our tea also consisted of cucumber, turkey and cheese, and pineapple cream cheese sandwiches. Fruit was served on the side. The grand finale was Gracyn’s cake shaped like a tea pot. There were many oohs and ahhs. Perhaps the best part of all (according to the little girls) was the consuming of sugar lump upon sugar lump. The bowls of sugar lumps were placed about the table and were instantly placed in mouths and drinks the whole time. I’m sure there are some jittery little girls at home as we speak! We had a fun time anyhow.



  1. That sounds wonderful! Happy birthday, Gracyn!

  2. Our growing family says:

    That is SO wonderful!!! I can’t wait to take abby to a real “tea house”, for her last birthday I couldn’t wait and just had a mini tea at our home with a couple friends…we loved it!!!

  3. Crystal says:

    How VERY fun! Gracyn looks SO grown up! Wow, it seems like just yesterday when she was two and you all were heading off to BKK. Where does the time go? Hope her day is extra special!

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