July 12th was Chick-Fil-A’s Cow Appreciation Day. I was new to this phenomenon due to my limited time in the States with kids. On July 11th, we found ourselves at CFA cashing in coupons for free kid’s meals that were rewards for completing 15 hours of the Summer Reading Program sponsored by the public library. We were informed that the very next day, we could come back dressed as cows and would receive free meals for Cow Appreciation Day. Since free stuff and bargains are my new thing, I decided we should get another free meal while we could…even though not the healthiest thing to do. I found a white shirt for each child and glued contruction paper cow spots on. They also wore cow headbands given to us by CFA and carried cow fans they received at the 4th of July parade. We were by far NOT the best dressed but we did get free kid meals. I didn’t have a white shirt so I didn’t dress…however I wore a brown shirt and was chastised at Publix by the cashier for not going as a brown cow….duh…I didn’t think of that!

(Look how tense Jasper is!)


  1. Our growing family says:

    such fun! and a “unhealthy meal” is ok every once in awhile! I bet they had a blast!!! =)

  2. Jasper did great! The first time Anna Claire met the cow she let out the deepest moan/scream ever. It took her about a year to warm up to the cow and it was actually at the cow appr. day here that she finally had her picture made with the smaller female cow (the cow had a bow in her hair). Unfortunately we did not take pics. I may try to get them from our cfl friends! As always I am thoroughly enjoying your blog!

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