The 4th of July helped me realize that I have been remiss. During the flag raising, I realized that my kids…mainly Gracyn…do not know The Pledge of Allegiance, America or America the Beautiful. This was a daily recitation during my primary school years. Now, I do have somewhat of an excuse in that my kids were not born here and spent the bulk of their lives overseas. Gracyn was not taught to sing or pledge to God and Country…she was taught to sing and pledge to King and Country! We were so intentional about trying to help our kids assimilate (which was exactly what we needed to do) that we neglected to teach much about the country of their citizenship. This school year I have decided to make a project of learning some good works to recite…like all “good” homeschoolers do. We will definately memorize and recite The Pledge, America and America the Beautiful…first stanzas only. I’m sure as we move down the pike we will learn them in their entirety. I would also like to add some works such as The Doxology, The Lord’s Prayer and maybe the Apostles’ Creed. What suggestions do you have for those “must” memorize selections? Share your thoughts!



  1. Statesboro Smiths' says:


    We learn the “Star Spangled Banner” and in third grade they will learn the Preamble of the Constitution. Youtube has all the School House Rock Videos that we watched as children. They have been great to use to teach some of these things. Most anything put to a tune is easier to learn.

    Candace C. Smith

  2. Thanks candace. I will consider those for this year. I love school house 80’s!

  3. Our growing family says:

    I totally would have forgotten to teach such things to our kids too! I’m glad you brought it up! I will have to keep it in mind (although, I think keaton has learned the pledge of all. at AWANA…I’ll have to ask him)!

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