I found a new lunch to add to my always searching for quick, healthy, lunch ideas list. Today I made Pizza Margarhetta on Lavash. It was delish! I started with two pieces of Lavash bread that I bought in a pack at the grocery store. I sprinkled both sides of the Lavash with extra virgin olive oil and spread it around. Next, I layered a combination of mozzarella and parmesan cheeses as my base. I added halved grape tomatoes and pieces of torn, fresh basil. I topped all this with fresh ground black pepper and a little garlic salt. I baked the Lavash for about 6-10 minutes at 425 degrees. I cut the Lavash into squares and served. It was tasty, healthy and rustic….which I love. I did a quick google search for more recipes using Lavash and there are so many ways to dress your “pizzas”. Next time I may use pesto as my base since we all love it so.


  1. trmills says:

    Hey, thanks for sharing. This looks great. We could do it with tortillas or pita. I look forward to getting whole wheat pita bread in America:)! And we enjoyed your pictures from the 4th- glad you had a good time. See you soon!

  2. Our growing family says:

    I think that is my favorite kind of pizza! love it! =)

  3. That looks delicious! if only I could get James to eat tomatoes…

  4. Lisa…Oh that James! 😛

    There are tons of recipes that probably don’t involve tomatoes. There was a hummus one in the search I did. Maybe you could try one of those or do one for you and one for James. They really take no time at all!

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