I bought a book. First I called Wendy, a veteran home schooler and now teacher at Cross Roads Christian School, to ask “if I were to buy one home school resource book, which one should I buy?” Wendy recommended Karen Andreola’s book A Charlotte Mason Companion. I have read other people’s copies of this book, but did not own my own. It is pretty practical in teaching Charlotte Mason’s philosophy and gives loads of practical tips. After discussing all the ins and outs of things with Wendy, I quickly ordered a copy of Karen Andreola’s book for myself. It will be nice to have a resource that I don’t feel guilty about keeping too long. Wendy also told me about Childlight USA as a home school resource. I found that they also have a blog with encouragement and anecdotes for those of us in the trenches. Look at my links and click on Childlight USA. I also spent part of today trying to make our “office” that no one really uses as an office more user friendly. Currently it seems like a hodge podge of things trying to be an office. The thought came to me that I should really try to make it a “school room”. I’m not sure the current set up would lend itself to the transition, yet it would be lovely to carve out a little spot where we could keep school supplies and books out. We are storing and bringing all our things to the dining room table right now, which is fine…it works. My dreams and visions are often bigger than my means or ability to carry them out. However, maybe I can continue to fiddle and see if I can make what we have a little better, a little more cozy and inviting.



  1. Our growing family says:

    Very exciting! Thanks for the resources too…I’m going to link over right now!

  2. LivingFree says:

    I have to concur that book is my #1 one pick as well. I need to get another copy, I sent mine home with my dear friend who is a missionary in Australia and homeschools her 4 children. Your post prompted me to add my top 10 list of homeschool favorites to my blog. I have read so many it was hard to narrow it down to 10!

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