I had forgotten how bad the flies are in the south during the summer! These pesky little things are driving me crazy. If I open the door for just a second, a swarm of flies rush in the house only to irritate me for the rest of the day. It isn’t all that pleasant to have a family meal with the flies circling above our heads. We’ve taken to waving our arms about during our meals to keep the bugs off the food. Flies were never this much of a problem in Thailand…it was mosquitos then and I’m debating which is worse! I did an on-line search for ways to control this problem that are safe for kids and pets. Everyone and I mean everyone seems to think that filling ziplock baggies with water and a penny and then hanging them up around the doors will deter flies from entering the house. Supposedly the flies think the bags are either spider’s webs or wasps nests. The reflection also is supposed to give them a bad perspective so they can’t fly in the house. I chuckled because this sounds so much like the water bottles being placed around properties in Thailand to keep the soi dogs from using your driveway or porch as a toilet. Last weekend I bought a bug eating plant similar to a Venus Fly Trap but so far the plant hasn’t caught anything. So, today I hung a ziplock baggie on the back patio just to see. I’m not sure if one is enough, but I don’t want to be the weirdo hanging bags all over. Anyone else know of any good rememdies?



  1. That’s hilarious! I love thinking of you as a crazy old lady with penny bags hanging all over the house while you walk about muttering to yourself about the blasted flies!:) It also makes me think of the food vendors who hang CDs over their piles of food to keep the bugs away. Wish I had some good advice. A mosquito racket would come in handy.

    Also, about your last post- just great news about how God is changing your perspective and I’m SO glad you get to do the women’s Bible study- a great opportunity in terms of study or fellowship.

  2. They sell “bug light” bulbs at Lowe’s or Home Depot. They are a sort of yellow in color and about the same size as an incandescent. I’m not sure they will work by day, but at night if you’re outside on a porch or in the yard, the bugs really flock to this kind of light. I’ve had much less bugs come in the house at night since switching the bulb. (My dog and I often hang out on the back step or in the yard until twilight or dark..)


  3. Rhi…you are so funny. I thought about the mosquito wands and we did bring 2 home…however, the were the plug ins instead of battery opertated. I don’t know why we thought it would work. They do sell them here, but they are $20!!! I can’t bring myself to pay that for a 40 baht deal. I forgot about the cds as repellant. Maybe I could hang a disco ball!! 🙂

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