Productiveness is a great way to describe our Wednesday. We started off by going to the public library to mark off our first markers for the Summer Reading Program. Gracyn read 11 hours and received 2 prizes. Aidan had been read to for 7 hours and received 1 prize. We then checked out The Voyage of the Dawn Treader which we thought we checked out two weeks ago and realized that we also promptly left the book on the check out counter! After our brief library trip we met up with some ladies from my Sunday School class for a play date at Pebble Pocket park. The kids enjoyed some fellowship…as did I. I’m finally getting a leg in! After two hours of sand, heat and mulch chips, we packed up and stopped off at Chick-Fil-A for lunch. The kids enjoyed their usual meals and I ate but felt like I needed a bath after helping three kids manage chicken nuggets, fries and ketchup. Upon arriving at home, I sent all off to either rest or play quitely in their own rooms while I ordered my homeschool curriculum for next year…which promptly begins August 6! That snuck up on me a bit. I hadn’t checked out the county school calendar yet and one of the moms informed me that we are almost 1 month away! I don’t think I can hold the kids back much longer on their rooms…so I better go prepare for snack time.


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