Do you ever have moments where you just know God hears you? I think I am having one of those moments right now. Lately, I have just been feeling displaced here in America, like a boat without an anchor. I have not felt at home yet or that I have anyone other than Jack who I can really talk to about my former life which is so important to me. I feel like not being able to have someone in my life like that is denying the exisistance this whole other life I have led. I don’t feel like anyone really knows the real me because of this. However, just 5 minutes ago I felt that an answer to my longing for a friend may be on the verge of being fulfilled…although I am trying not to pin all my hopes on fruition. The secretary of our church just emailed to say that an new couple stopped by the church today to check it out. They are looking for a church home as they move to Peachtree City from….Bangkok!!!! They just arrived in the States yesterday. The husband is a former employee at the US Embassy in Bangkok and is being transferred to customs duty at Hartsfield~Jackson Airport!!! As if it couldn’t get any better…they have a 5 year old daughter who has lived in Bangkok. This couple is pretty excited about our church and will Lord willing be there this Sunday! Can you see why I see God’s hand at work? Another weird thing is that Jack’s dad met a couple while working on their house who is going to Thailand next month to begin working at…ICS! (ICS is the international school where I taught 3rd grade in the 90’s) They live literally 2 minutes down the street from us. We are going to get together with them in July (they are out of town for awhile) to talk about all things Thai and ICS. This couple wants to start a family in Thailand but feel scared a bit and I get to tell them how wonderful it is. Needless to say all this will do my heart good.



  1. Praise God! This is good news, and I’m praying that you’ll find some “kindred spirits” to share your walk there with…

    Oh, and also, your berry-picking day sounded perfect!

  2. Our growing family says:

    that is so wonderful!!! God is so good! Can’t wait to hear if you got to see them at church today, or whenever you do!

  3. How neat! He does hear!

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