We had an awesome dinner tonight! I made rosemary~garlic encrusted salmon (on sale in the fresh seafood dept at Kroger), steamed broccoli, Italian baby greens salad and a dessert of some of our fresh summer berries. It was so flavorful and healthy. I was inspired by this week’s Time magazine on childhood obesity. If you get a chance check out these well written articles. Our kids are not obese, but the articles in Time are enough to set anyone straight on eating. According to their research and studies teens are now being diagnosed with chronic illnesses that are normally found in older adults such as Type 2 diabetes. All of this a result of poor diets. We are all aware that kids are guzzling too many prepackaged foods, sodas, fast foods and such. Kids are also more sedentary than decades ago with being in front of TV, video games and the computer for 3 or more hours daily. None of this catches anyone by surprise yet it is still epidemic. Time also reported that once a child becomes obese that his or her future is pretty much mapped out. I have to confess that since VBS began in early June that I have been a backslider with nutrition. I have found myself out of exhaustion making more mac n cheese, frozen pizzas and hot dogs for lunch than I should. I understand that tired people often resort to these easily made meals…I did. We’ve been so busy with things that I have gotten tired and bored of cooking. However, Time did a great job of reminding me that what goes into our mouths is largely my responsibility…at least while the kids are under my roof…beyond that I will have to hope that values have been instilled. So with a farmer’s market day under our belts, I vowed to start anew with making good nutrition a staple of our home. The kids have been raving about how delicious the fruit is! We normally eat lots of fruit, but I think their involvement with selecting the fruits added appeal. Take your kids picking!



  1. Our growing family says:

    Yum!!! That sounds delicous! =) Great job!!!
    I love that you went picking too!!! I can remember doing that when I was younger and I loved it! =)
    I am just excited to get to go to the farmers market someday soon!! =)

  2. Our growing family says:

    oh also…could you post the salmon recipie please? =)

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