Today I:

  • Drove through old neighborhoods from when we were teenagers…fun…but everything is looking run down.
  • Had lunch at Atkins Park…I had fried chicken, mashed potatoes, asparagus, creamed corn and a sweet tea!
  • Went to Cumberland Mall which is the mall I shopped my whole young life…it was a huge disappointment and nothing like a Thai mall.
  • Took the kiddos to see Kung Fu Panda. It was intense at moments but fun. We haven’t been to a movie as a family in almost 2 years. Aidan was doing karate in his seat during all the action.

This was pretty much our Father’s Day outing a day early. My head is pounding at the moment from trying to do so much in one day. However, it was good to get out and actually do something. I have been struggling with the doldrums lately. Jack says I have housewife’s syndrome which is true but I also have been missing Thailand this week and some special people.



  1. Our growing family says:

    What a wonderful day!
    I love the “housewife’s syndrome”! I totally have had that this week too! Maybe I’m just anxious for Fathers Day…I think that it is probably more common w/mommies that are homeschooling!
    OH! Also, I was going to tell you that we are SERIOUSLY considering the sonlight curriculum! I love so much about it! Thanks for sharing!I’m sure I’ll have blogs about it…maybe I’ll do that right now.

  2. We also shopped at Cumberland Mall when I was a child. My best memories are of Chick-fil-A and the pet store by the fountain. I hear it’s not quite what it used to be. 🙂

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