Per Bridget‘s tag….

I am: a southern girl who prefers the city
I think: analytically
I know: God has me in the palm of His hand
I want: to be a globe trekker
I have: everything in Christ
I wish: for time with old friends
I hate: catch phrases
I miss: Thailand
I fear: assimilation
I hear: a British accent
I smell: Sea Island Cotton lotion on me
I crave: Som Tam (papaya salad)
I search: for things to do
I wonder: if it will always feel like this
I regret: aspects of 2006
I love: my family
I ache: for people dealing with loss
I care: about good stewardship
I always: clean up
I am not: late
I believe: God’s word
I sing: at church
I dance: spontaneously
I cry: when frustrated
I don’t always: speak my mind
I fight: with myself
I write: on my blog
I never: forget details
I listen: to the soundtrack of my life…yes…I have one
I need: kindred spirits
I am happy: when I am learning and experiencing

You are tagged if you want to be….



  1. Bridget Beth says:

    i love it!

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