Jasper’s first birthday is coming up next Wednesday and I have been busy trying to pull his party together. We are just doing a family party but now we have family to invite besides us. We are really excited about his big day and I have been running errands all this week in preparation.

  • On Monday I went to Mudpies Children’s Boutique to buy a special outfit for Jasper’s 1 year photographs. I found a cute little plaid outfit with a whale applique on the front. I purchased it and went home.
  • I stopped at Swoozie’s next and found some little 1st b-day keepsakes for Jasper such as a special birthday plate, a picture frame for him with his cake, a molding set for hand and footprints and a birthday bib.
  • After talking with the photographer, I determined that the outfit I bought was a little too visually busy. Today I returned the cute whale outfit (boo hoo) and bought a simple smocked outfit for the pictures. It really is a better choice for the look of the pictures. I found out that Mudpies is also going out of business and is trying to sell all the stock…good prices up to 50% off, but I can’t spend anymore right now.
  • Next, I stopped at Honeybaked Ham to order a sandwich platter for the party. Thanks Mom for the gift certificates!
  • My final stop was to Publix to order the cake. I didn’t want the stress of making my own this year. Publix makes really good cakes and today I learned that Publix will give your baby a 7 inch personal cake for free along with the cake you order! This is only for 1 year olds. The baker called it “The Smash Cake”. Now the rest of us can eat a piece of intact cake.

The party is next Saturday and we are looking forward to celebrating his big milestone… Where’d the time go?



  1. Our growing family says:

    What fun! =)
    The simple outfit will look much better in pics-I hope they come out beautifully!!!!

  2. trmills says:

    I was just wondering when the big day was…the party sounds like so much fun! And yummy, too:)! Can’t wait to see pictures of him in his sweet outfit!

  3. Tarena…I almost wrote to ask your opinion about the outfit before the photographer made their suggestions. Thanks for confirming that simple was best!

    Rhi…me too…this is our first time being able to have baby photographs made.

  4. “The Smash Cake” sounds accurate. We have a photo of my younger brother asleep on top of his 1st birthday cake. My mom, being the practical woman that she is, simply cut off the top layer and served it to the grandparents anyway. πŸ™‚

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