Gracyn finally got a Webkinz. For those who do not know, these interactive stuffed animals are all the craze here. Her Grandfather gave her $20 and she wanted to spend $14.99 of it to buy a Webkinz since she has been begging for one for months. I tried to talk her out of it, but she was having no part of that! I kept trying to put her off till her birthday for one of these things. My hesitancy was in the fact that you have to go on-line everyday to feed, play with and take care of the pet. You have to take the thing to classes, exercise, the store and etc… etc… I saw this thing becoming more of a rod for my back with Gracyn begging to get on the computer and needing help all the time with it. I caved and let her get the animal. She choose a leopard lizard that she has named Lizzy. I have to confess, Webkinz are actually fun. I have been playing games, earning money for the Lizard to buy food and upgrades in housing. It has many educational elements to it and it is a great way for Gracyn to get a little more computer skills. The girls in her Sunday School class all have multiples. This is now my fear! I am nervous that we will have many of these Web Pets to look after!!! Gracyn has made it known to the “powers that be” (Grandparents) that she wants these things. Her birthday is coming soon….so I see the writing on the wall. I typically hate the gaming industry and can’t stand how people are addicted to playing computer games all the time…but this one is not too shabby and limits will keep the gaming trance at bay.


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