We made it through our first year of Homeschooling!! It has been a good year overall. Gracyn has grown by leaps and bounds in many areas of academic study. Her reading has shot through the roof so to speak. We ended our first grade year with her completing 20 weeks of the second grade readers after finishing 36 weeks of her first grade program! We plan to finish up the last 16 weeks of the second grade reading program this summer and place her in the second grade advanced readers next school year. She probably could go straight to the third grader readers but the advanced readers have so many good stories that I don’t want her to miss either. I want to challenge her but keep her interested as well. We plan to also work on math skills, some phonics and handwriting two days a week to keep her sharp. At least we will have some things to count on that will help keep boredom at bay. I do not know how we will fill our summer days. We have VBS coming up in June and beyond that who knows? I’ll have to schedule a couple good field trips for fun. I’m also keeping in mind that some lazy days are also good for the mental health of us all..especially mine.


  1. Our growing family says:

    Great job! What cirriculum/program does your family use?
    Have a great summer!

  2. Tarena, we use Sonlight. It is a curriculum based on “Living Books” and the Charlotte Mason methods of learning. We really like it.

  3. trmills says:

    Hi Kim- checking in…congratulations on finishing your first homeschool year and it’s great that G is excelling! Glad you had good family time in Florida, hooray for Aidan potty training, and happy home sprucing up! Lots going on, lots to be thankful for. Emmy sends Gracyn her love…

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