Sunday afternoon we took it to the yard. We planted some perennials a while back, but never got around to adding fresh mulch to the garden. What we had was basically a mudpit with flowers. We have added some decorative border to our mudpit, but still the mud was getting to me…not to mention getting on the dog and kids! We decided to go to Lowe’s to check out the mulch prices. We were satisfied with the price and bought 10 bags of pine bark mulch. Jack promptly poured and spread the mulch in all the appropriate areas. We were short a bag or two when all was said and done. I was really pleased with how fresh everything looked after mulching. I still want to plant more things in our backyard as we have some empty space, but the front looked nice just spreading fresh mulch. All I will do in the front is maybe hang some ferns on the front porch and buy some pretty “planter” type flowers for the two huge terra cotta planters left behind by the previous owners. Next year we can attack the sides of our house which have been sorely neglected over the years. I’m thinking rose bushes!


  1. I cannot believe it is almost June!

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