Today we followed up with the allergist. We didn’t get any new earth shaking information about Gracyn’s allergies. She’s been clear for two weeks after her steriod treatments, but she still has a lingering cough. We’ve tried out some of her allergic foods to help rule out the cause. So far rice and eggs seem to be ok. The doctor doesn’t want us to try fish or nuts since they can be worse with reactions. So we are still going to avoid those. However, since accidental ingestion can be likely, we were given a prescription for epi pens…for that just in case emergency. The doctor still doesn’t think a violent reaction is likely to happen, but since you never know, we need to be prepared. These pens are a bit intimidating to look at and Gracyn has been a little worried about them, but I have reassured her that we probably will never need them. We tried the practice pen (no needle) so she knows what to expect procedure wise….so I know too!

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