Happy Mother’s Day!
This morning we awoke to being sick on Mother’s Day! Yea! We’ve had little signs that we were all coming down with something, but last night we began to all feel it more keenly. We were supposed to have a nice Mother’s Day breakfast at church where all the men cook the meal and serve the ladies. We decided that it wouldn’t be very motherly to go to church and infect the congregation, so we spent our day at home. My big Mother’s Day gift this year was a griddle/grill pan by Emeril. Jack wanted me to open my gifts straight away so that he could make us an impromptu pancake breakfast. Jack seasoned the griddle with bacon, eggs and pancakes. We spent the rest of the morning just hanging out and trying to rest as much as you can with three kids. The kids gave me some pretty smelling soaps and lotions from Bath and Body Works. I love their things as they make me smell like a girl when I mostly feel like a rumpled mommy. One of my favorite fragrances is the Coconut~Lime Verbena. It reminds me of being at the ocean with coconut palms and lime slushies with a purple orchid tucked neatly on the rim of the glass! Ahhh Heavenly. We ended Mother’s Day by making steaks on the flip side of the griddle. We tried out the grill to see how it works. It worked well. We’ve had steaks in our freezer since November that we couldn’t eat yet. Now we are spending the rest of the evening clearing hoarse~y frogs out of our sore throats. Hopefully we will be right as rain soon. (Sorry we couldn’t manage any pictures this year.)

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