Everyone knows the expression, “when it rains, it pours.” Lately I have been feeling that life is like that. We’ve had, it seems, many challenges to getting fully established here. We have had our fair share of doctor’s and doctor’s bills, things that need repairs and many other things screaming for our financial attention. Arrggg! I mean, we just finished Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University…but where’s the peace? Since we have been back, we are really trying to be wise and budget our money. We are so used to things being pretty cheap in Thailand and America has been nickle and diming us to death. We feel like we’ve made some really good changes in our lives that make us better stewards of our money, yet we keep getting thrown some curve balls. We’ve been driving some really old, somewhat junky cars since we arrived last summer. We were ok with that because it meant no car payments. That’s big on Dave Ramsey’s list. Well, two weeks ago Jack’s car started giving us some major warning signs that our no car payment days were about to be over. Jack took the car in and found out that repairing the car would cost way more than its worth. Jack has been doing his research and found a car that he was interested in. Still, we held out as long as we could hoping to delay the inevitable. However, yesterday as Jack drove home a new warning light began to flash on the dashboard. Jack called the guy at Aamco to ask what was happening. The mechanic said, “Pull over! Your car is in serious engine failure.” Jack let the car rest and was able to drive home. This morning bright and early Jack was at the dealership. He now has a Scion tc. It is a new brand out on the market. I had never heard of it before. So now we are in carpayment land. Sigh. At least Jack has something more professional to drive that will be reliable for him to do his work. I called Jack and asked him what the trade in value on our old car was and he said……$400! I had to laugh. (I have to add that althought these things have been frustrating, that I am fully aware and trusting in God’s sovereignty with our finances…He owns the cattle on a thousand hills after all…He’s been faithful and I know and trust that He will continue to be. We are being stretched in our faith, but that is a good thing!)


  1. Our growing family says:

    So sorry to hear that things have been stressful! We started dave ramsey about 3.5 years ago and are still going at it (low income + lots of student loans = takes FOREVER!) =) Right now we are only able to put an extra $20 to debt…so little, but it is great to know that we are chipping at it little by little!
    Hope things get better…and HAVE FUN with that car! =)

  2. Thanks Terena. I appreciate your sharing. I am really thankful for your introducing me to The Grocery Store Game as that is really helping me shop more wisely. I love learning from others who seek to be good stewards of the money God gives them!

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